Diesel Fuel Injection


Reliable Diesel Fuel Injection Repair in Milton-Freewater, OR

Fuel injector problems are quick to become apparent and debilitating for your vehicle when they arise. Dave’s Diesel Technology wastes no time in delivering service to vehicles with faulty injectors or problematic diesel fuel injection systems in Milton-Free Water and the surrounding areas.

Any number of issues can arise with injectors over time. Injector heads can become dirty, clogged or leaky, or they can develop solenoid issues that prevent opening and closing. It takes an expert to truly diagnose the issue and enact the right solution. More than this, however, it’s imperative that the root cause of the problem is resolved, to prevent it from happening again.

We’ll not only remedy the clogged injector or the solenoid issue—we’ll figure out what caused it in the first place!

Trust us to test injectors, clean clogged components, examine spray patterns, measure temperatures and more—all in the quest to restore your injectors to full functionality. If we can’t restore your injector, we can always replace it with either new or rebuilt options that work seamlessly with your engine.
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