Trusted Turbocharger Experts in Milton-Freewater, OR

If you own a diesel vehicle already outfitted with a turbocharger or you’re thinking about upgrading, make sure you’re bringing your vehicle to a shop that’s uniquely equipped to work on turbo diesels. At Dave’s Diesel Technology, we’re no strangers to turbochargers and welcome any vehicles that need one installed or serviced.

If your turbocharger is acting strange, we invite you to bring it in for repair! Warning signs of impending turbocharger maintenance include a whining sound that grows louder at boost, the smell of burning oil, an excessive amount of smoke, and a noticeable decrease in power. A turbocharger may also be in danger of failing when it doesn’t receive enough lubrication, and improper lubrication can lead to carbon buildup. Likewise, small pieces of debris may make their way into the turbocharger and damage its components. If you notice or suspect any of these problems, give us a call!

Brands We Trust

A brand name and reputation can make all the difference when it comes to turbocharging your diesel engine. That’s why we carefully select the brands and components that are ideal for your vehicle.
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